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Comunication M2M (Machine to Machine) – IOT (Internet of Things)

About Us

About Us

Complanet Ravenna is a company active in the ICT sector, which operates inside the consortium TomWare S.c.a.r.l. deals with projects involving M2M technology (machine-to-machine communication) and IOT. The term M2M refers to technologies and telemetry and telematics applications using wireless networks, in which the measuring devices (sensors) are able to communicate with each other using the Internet. This theme is part of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT), the set of technologies which, using the Internet, make objects smart because interconnected, able to communicate with each other and with their users, who can control them remotely. The IoT allows to evolve the production and management processes related to the business more efficiently. The M2M application solutions involving several industrial and service sectors.


The main achievement is given by the integrated system TrackPro, already existing for some time in the automotive market in different versions, which provide a range of services from the simple function of location of the vehicle on the GPS network, to the monitoring of consumption, from the driving style of the driver, to the verification in real time of the state of the vehicle and its maintenance and the telemetry linked to special events (SOS button pressure, abandoned vehicle, opening/closing doors). Customizations are possible for the location of goods, industrial vehicles and people.


We develop customized solutions for telemetry and data analysis to track and manage vehicles and equipment of any kind, storage systems, production systems, industrial lines, power generation systems and of course the data center. Complanet works on projects both directly and through the subsidiary structure TomWare Latvia based in Riga (Latvia).


Products and solutions are inserted in contracts of maintenance and L1 & L2 technical support of all components of the system, with proactive and reactive monitoring, call management and possible escalation on outside suppliers.

Member of the consortium Tomware s.c.a.r.l.

Complanet provides competence and professionalism for the management of distributed systems and the related design consultancy in technology.